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Preschool News

Hello Everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful break and a very Merry Christmas! Even though I have been out of the classroom I have been in contact with Mrs. Warner. It sounds like the kids are doing an excellent job and there is so much learning taking place. I plan on returning March 2 or maybe even a little sooner. I can't wait to see the kids! I miss them so much!! There are some important dates coming up that I would like you to be aware of. I have posted them below so that you can mark your calendars if needed. 

Wednesday, April 15-Birth to 5 screening- If your child is currently in the program, they have already done this prior to starting. They will only need to do this if a rescreen has been recommended. 

Wednesday, April 22-Stephen Fite Field Trip- Look for details about this coming soon. Parents are welcome to attend with us.