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Business Economics/Career & Life

Freshman - 1st semester technical-level course in the Business Entrepreneurship & Management, Finance, and Marketing Pathways. This course integrates economic principles (such as free market economy, consumerism, and the role of American government within the economic system) with entrepreneurship/business concepts (such as marketing principles, business law, and risk). Resources used are Dave Ramsey's, Foundations in Personal Finance high school curriculum and a Personal Finance Virtual Simulation through Knowledge Matters Inc. Students will learn key personal financial skills and demonstrate competence in an online simulated world.







                            About  Dave Ramsey                                      Persona Finance 2.0 Virtual Simulation

Personal Testimony about Financial Peace


Foundations U
Chapter activities that accompany the Foundations in Personal Finance workbook

Bank Rates
Use to find rates for various accounts offered by banks.

Commodities & Futures

Commodities & Futures
How they work.

Day Trading
Read & watch the video for a better definition/explanation of Day Trading.

FICA/Social Security
Definition of each.

Investment Caluculator
Dave Ramsey investment calculator to be used w/ various activities.

Mutual Fund Rates
Use to look up rate of various types of mutual funds.

Types of Retirement Plans
Research different types of plans on the IRS website


Business Pathways

Business  Management & Administration
Series of courses needed and competencies achieved

Series of courses needed and competencies achieved

Series of courses needed and competencies achieved