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Local Scholarships

Note: some of these links still reference last year’s scholarships. Most requirements will remain the same, so you can begin preparing in advance. Continue checking back as they will be updated as deadlines get closer! Make your actual application on the current year forms.

Tips for Success:

  1. Always try to type your application. Try to open with Google docs or an extension like dochub or PDFMergy, if necessary.
  2. Consider creating a cover letter to introduce yourself (and consider adding a photo so the committee can put a face to your name). 
  3. Consider including a full high school resume, even if the scholarship doesn’t require one. 

Good luck!


Check here for State, National and University scholarships that are sent to Norwich High School

October Deadlines

Kansas Buffalo Association/GoBob Scholarship – Due mid Oct (raising bison and/or pursuing ag field)

Horatio Alger Scholarship – Opens Aug 1; Due late Oct (2.0 min GPA, demonstrate financial need – $55,000 adjusted gross family income, pursue a bachelor’s degree)

November Deadlines

Hagan Scholarship -  (3.5 GPA, 23+ ACT, work 240 hours/year, complete FAFSA, show financial need – EFC of less than $6500)

National Honor Society Scholarship 

Kansas Masonic Foundation – Due early Nov

JCI Senate Scholarship - Due for state judging Nov; top two state apps sent to national judging Jan

Mail to (early enough to arrive by Nov deadline): Anita R. Cummings, Program Chairman; KS JCI Senate Scholarship Program; 1613 Emmer Rd.; Hartford, KS 66854

December Deadlines

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award – (for graduating seniors who operate their own small business)

January Deadlines

Wheatland Electric Scholarship (parent must be member)

America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders - Opens Nov 15; Due mid Jan

FFA Scholarships – due mid Jan

Margaret Van Horn Scholarship (education or business major) - Due mid Jan

Sumner Cowley Electric Coop Scholarship (parent must be member)- Due mid to end Jan

State 4-H Scholarships (for 4H members)– check with local 4-H chapter

February Deadlines

County Weed Directors Scholarship (agriculture or agronomy) - Due early Feb 

Kansas 4H Scholarships - Due early Feb

Farmer's Coop Tony and Marge Bergkamp Scholarship (parent must be Farmer’s Coop member) - Due early Feb

KADPF Scholarship (parent employed K-12 building, employed in building/grounds, food service, or transportation) - Due Mar 31, 2020

Herb Clutter Scholarship (ag major) – Due Feb

Buick Achievers (engineering, technology, design, automotive industry) – Due Feb

Kansas Environmental Health Association (environmental health related field)

March Deadlines

Glenn Lygrisse/KACRAO Scholarship (quality leadership) - Due early Mar

Lori Dechant Foundation – Due early Mar (Students with a physical disability)

SEMA Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness – Opens Nov 1; Due early Mar (automotive industry)

Kansas Grain and Feed Scholarship (ag related) – Due early Mar

BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship – Due early Mar

Black Hills Energy Scholarship - Due mid Mar (Limited to Black Hills customers; student applicant must have a 21+ ACT score or rank in the top 35 percent of class; student applicant is majoring in Engineering, Business, Environmental Science or other energy-related fields (HVAC, Appliance repair, Natural gas, welding); student applicant must also plan to attend Wichita State University, Newman University, Hutchinson Community College, University of Kansas, Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Ctr, Sterling College, Dodge City CC, Seward County CC, Barton County CC – Natural gas technician program, Garden City CC, or Northwest Kansas Technical College.)

Evergy Energy Scholarships (formerly Westar)- Due mid Mar

Fred and Irene Cloud Journalism Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Mar 15

South Central Community Foundation Scholarships – Mar 15 (The Kingman County scholarships are mostly marked for KHS, but check the list under Multi-county, particularly Lucille Turner and Bonnie Dudrey)

Institute of Supply Management Scholarship (supply management field) – Due mid Mar

Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship – Due mid Mar

Kansas County Clerks and Election Officials Scholarship (journalism, political science, communications or business) - Due late Mar

Janice M Scott Scholarship (leadership and financial need) - Due late Mar

Kansas Hospitals KHERF Scholarship (health care major) - Due late Mar

Kingman County Conservation Scholarship (ag related degree) - Due late Mar (Must arrive in the mail by Mar 29: Kingman County Conservation District – see cover letter for address)

April Deadlines

Community Christian Women's Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 1 (Open to ALL KAY members, including boys)

Skyland Grain Scholarship – Postmarked early Apr (2 year or 4 year, business or ag)

Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship – Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 3

Haviland Telephone Scholarship – Due early Apr

Jim and Carolyn Poe Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 1

Kansas Financial Scholars Personal Finance Program and Essay Contest - Due Apr 1 (Program completed prior to Apr 1)

Kingman County 4H Council Scholarship - Due Apr 1

Kingman County Homemakers Extension Scholarship - Due Apr 1

Kingman County Young Farmers Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 1

**2020 form now available!** Norwich Recreation Commission Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 1

Milton/Norwich Inter-Church Council Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 1

**2020 form now available!**Norwich Booster Club Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 1 **new requirement in 2020: must participate in the senior auction**

Strong's Insurance Scholarship - Due Apr 1 (Mail to: Strong’s Insurance, Inc., 142 N Main St., Kingman, KS 67068)

Wanda May Vinson Scholarship – Due Apr 1 (KAY members)

SKP Scholarship – Due Apr 15 in 2018 – Apr 1 in 2019 and following years (NHS graduate pursuing a trade, non-traditional education, entrepreneurship program or professional business development)

Kansas Seed Industry Association Scholarship – Due Apr 2 (Ag related majors, attending a Kansas school)

Sumner County Farm Bureau Scholarship – Due Apr 13

Adams Union Sunday School Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 15

Farrar Scholarship - Due Apr 15 (Commitment to Farrar Internship Program is mandatory for scholarship renewal).

Irene Madaline Klaver Teaching Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 15; this may expire in 2019 – check with Mrs. Hibbs

Kacy Layne Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 15

Kansas All-Star Scholarship Application (Sumner County Seniors) - Opens early March; April 15 Deadline

Kansas Association of Mappers (geography related field) – Due mid Apr

Kingman KNEA Scholarship - (KNEA is the local teacher's association) - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 15

Lucas Lohrman Scholarship – Due Apr 15 (college or vocational school; preference given to welding or non-destructive testing)

Norwich High School Alumni Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 15 (ALL Norwich high school seniors are eligible to apply)

Steve Harper Outdoor/WIldlife Scholarship (wildlife or nature studies or outdoor journalism) - Due mid Apr

Kansas Crime Stoppers Scholarship – Due Apr 20

Greg Berry Memorial Scholarship (business major) - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 30

Eagle Grocery Scholarship (business managment, business administration, entrepreneurship, OR a field of study that will benefit their community) – Due Apr 30; submit directly to Eagle Grocery

Norwich EMS Scholarship - Due to Mrs. Hibbs Apr 30

May Deadlines

O’Brate Foundation Scholarship – Due May 1 (Youth in foster care and/or needs based – annual income guidelines: family of 1: $32,778; family of 2: $44,442; family of 3: $56,106; family of 4: $67,770; family of 5: $79,434; family of 6: $91,098; family of 7: $102,762; family of 8: $114,426; families of more than 8: add $5,832 for each additional person) 

American Welding Society Kansas Section Scholarship – Due May 17

George R. Watson Scholarship – Due May 30 (Note: This scholarship is NOT intended for current high school seniors; it is for students who have completed at least one year of college or are in graduate studies in the medical field. It is included on this page for students who are interested in the medical or health field, including veterinarian medicine, aware of this great local scholarship option.)

June Deadlines

Fire Explorer Scholarship - Due June 1

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Education Scholarship – Apply online March 15 – June 1

Imagine America Scholarships – for students attending Wichita Technical Institute or Tulsa Welding School – open all year

July Deadlines

United Energy Workers Healthcare Scholarship – Due July 31 (Home Healthcare and other Healthcare fields)

Mrs. Carla Hibbs

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